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Rent a car in Chalkidiki

If you wish to vary the program of your trip to the Halkidiki Peninsula, you should draw your attention to Chalkidiki cars available for rent. Since Halkidiki is full of interesting places, it is quite important that you avoid all factors that might limit your freedom and wills, for example, a wish to visit historical monuments, beautiful beaches, and colorful villages.

Advantages of car hire Halkidiki

A rental car in Greece is not a luxury but a necessity. It brings relaxation to a relatively new, more advanced level. Here are the main reasons why you should contact Ellin Car to rent a car in Chalkidiki:

  1. Car hire gives independence. There is no longer a need to hurry to catch a bus and access the required place after making several changes. You should better spend the saved time on planning an exciting route;
  2. A rental car makes it possible to see unexplored places. What should a traveler do if public transport seldom runs to the remote village in the mountains or the wild beach? Furthermore, what if taking a taxi is too expensive for his limited budget? The answer is quite simple: he should not give up an idea to see the unexplored beauty of the Halkidiki Peninsula. All he has to do is to rent a car in Chalkidiki;
  3. Travel with comfort. Depending on personal preferences and the number of passengers, you can choose a rental car that will meet all your requirements;
  4. Cost-efficiency. The cost of an excursion across Halkidiki sometimes exceeds the cost of a car rental for 1-2 days.

Our price policy and vehicle fleet

Chalkidiki cars’ hire will become a pleasant surprise for you it terms of their reasonable costs. There are several categories of transport in the vehicle fleet of Ellin Car:

  • Toyota Yaris with a manual gearbox;
  • Peugeot 301 with a manual gearbox;
  • Peugeot 208 with an automatic transmission;
  • Citroen C-elysee with an automatic transmission;
  • How to rent a car Halkidiki

    You can hire a car in Halkidiki just in a few minutes. All one has to do is to follow these instructions:

    1. Go to the site Ellincar.com. There is a window on the home page, where you have to specify the date, the place of the vehicle’s delivery, and the point where you will return the car (for example, “Halkidiki, Kassandra”);
    2. After that, a system will offer you the list of vehicles available for rent – choose the one you like, based on the cost and technical parameters.
    3. Choose extra options (child seat, night pick-up) if needed.
    4. Fill up your phone number, e-mail, and personal details.

    The reservation is completed. The only things left are waiting for confirmation of the order and starting planning the travel route.

    Car booking terms & conditions

    1. The minimum age of a driver is from 23 years.
    2. The Lessee must have an international driver’s license that was released at least one year ago.
    3. The Lessee is fully responsible for possible road traffic violations and paying the fines.
    4. No one can drive a rental car except for the Lessee and the second driver, mentioned in the contract.
    5. It is not allowed to leave Greece and transport the rental car via a ferry without written permission for such actions.

    You can find the full list of conditions on the website of Ellin Car in the “Terms & Conditions” section.

    Why book from Ellin Car

    1. The vehicle fleet of Ellin Car consists of new vehicles. Each of them is in perfect technical condition.
    2. The Lessees are guaranteed 24/7 support.
    3. The company does not limit the kilometrage: you can travel as much as you need.
    4. There are no hidden commissions and hidden hazards: the carrier does not include additional and hidden fees in its tariffs.

    A private car is the most comfortable transport for trips across Halkidiki, which provides the best opportunities for gaining the most thrilling impressions from this region of Greece.

    • New cars only

      Our cars are new, clean, comfortable and smoke-free. We offer top-notch service to all our customers.

    • Car delivery

      There is no need for you to go to our office. We will deliver a car to your address.

    • Unlimited Mileage

      We do not limit our customers. You can drive as far as you want, without worrying about additional payments

    • No hidden fees

      We prefer to build trusting relationships with our customers. We promise Low Prices and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees.

    • Extra sevices

      We can offer you additional travel services to make your holiday in greece even more enjoyable.

    • 24 / 7 support

      Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you help and support in any situation.